The Causes of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is the excretion of water and mineral salts from the sweat glands of mammalian skin. Excessive sweating is a medical condition that requires one to get a checkup. Sweating is normal to people since it helps regulate body temperature. It occurs mostly during the hot seasons or when doing exercises. People sweat for different reasons and when in different climatic conditions. Excessive sweating occurs when one is sick or has health conditions. However, these conditions are treatable; hence you need not worry about it if you have the problem.

Causes of excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be as a result of the following conditions;

Hot climate. During warm weather conditions, the body has a high metabolic rate which releases high temperatures. The body regulates this temperature through sweating. Therefore it is normal for people to experience excessive sweating during such weather facilitating the removal of waste materials.Excessive drug use. When people fail to follow the doctor’s prescription for drug use, they end up sweating excessively. Sweating happens in this case since the drugs alter the body functioning as it tries to get rid of the drugs.Psychological disorder. People at one point in life, get stressed over many things. In such situations, the body reacts negatively by excessive sweating since its functioning abnormally.Fever. Both adults and kids get a high rise in temperature due to health issues. When one has an illness, the body excretes through excessive sweating.Heat rush. Many people may experience rushes in their lifetime. The rushes cause skin irritation, and this can lead to an increase in body temperatures that result in excessive sweating.

How to stop excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is preventable and can also be treated through medical attention. The following are some of the ways to stop excessive sweating.

i. Surgery. When one has severe sweating, medical attention is necessary. The surgeon, in this case, removes the sweat glands hence reduces the sweating rate of the person. The medical practitioner may also cut the nerves in the armpit, which actuate the sweat glands making the person sweat regularly. ii. Avoid wearing clothes that heavy. People tend to wear heavy garments, even when the weather is fair. Doctors advise people to wear light breathable clothes that allow proper airflow into the body hence no sweating.iii. Bathing regularly. It is advisable to clean our body twice a day to prevent sweating. Showering with an antibacterial soap is also an advantage since it will help prevent bacteria that increase the sweating rate. iv. Use of antiperspirants. Antiperspirant products are readily available in the market and should be used daily. These products have aluminium salts that when rolled on to the armpits, helps prevent excessive sweating. v. Avoid excess direct sunlight. One is advised to stay in cool areas that have shade to regulate body temperature. When the body remains cool, excessive sweating will not occur to your body. vi. Follow the doctor’s prescription when taking drugs. People often ignore the doctor’s advice on how to take drugs. However, this should not be the case, since it causes problems like excessive sweating which is preventable.